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 Arshalus Gurvazan

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PostSubject: Arshalus Gurvazan   Wed Jun 09, 2010 2:03 am

Name: Arshalus (aR-shall-ooys)Name means Dawn in Armenian
Gurvazanian (Grrr-vaz-an) Last name means fighter In Armenian
Nicknames: Dawn, Lucy, Arsha
Age: Nearly 17
Appearance: Dark Curly hair with uncommon light olive eyes. Approx 5'9. Usually seen wearing her trademark black or dark colors,l skinny jeans. Usually wears boots or converse
Pet: Anoosh (On-oo-shh) means sweet or cute in Armenian. Anoosh is also her best friend and only known family.

Ability: Amazingly flexible (in gymnastics as a child) super fast reflexes
Personality: Cold, Deceptive, Very sarcastic, Sadistic, Will kill anything that comes in her way
Favorite Food: Leftover cold pizza! and chocolate dipped soft serve
Fighting Preferences: Famous for her sneak attack, fights mainly with an assortment of daggers

Background: Her family was massacred by vampires in her little house in San Leandro CA. She was only 6 when it happened but she saw everything through a crack in the closet door she was hiding in. She found out what exactly had attacked her family and has been training and killing ever since. Now she trusts no one and fends for herself, traveling and killing vampires with the help of Anoosh.
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Arshalus Gurvazan
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