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 Lavi Darren

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PostSubject: Lavi Darren   Wed May 05, 2010 11:48 pm

Name: Lavi Darren
Age: Over 300 yrs(Maybe more)
Appearance: Light brown hair, almost blond, with gray-green eyes. Cross earring in his left ear(Finds it funny). Lean, well-toned body, with a height of 5'11. Dresses like a normal 20 year old, although he always wears a tooth necklace for luck.
Personality: Snarky, cold, high-tempered, and sarcastic most of the time. He's the kind of guy who beats the crap outa anyone who's stupid enough to annoy him. First impressions matter, to him you "judge a book by its cover" Appearance is everything. If you keep up a mask then your enemies won't ever get to you. Allows no friends to get near, not wanting to become vulnerable. Enjoys spending his free-time looking at women, never taking a moment to 'disrespect' a young lady by ignoring them. Every time a hot female passes by, he takes his time to 'admire' them.
Background: Born in a poor family somewhere in time, with a father deep in dept of a man-a man who just happened to be a vampire. Because his father never accounted to pay the vampire back, Lavi was taken in exchange. The vampire, Van Jadenn, turned Lavi after some years so he could live through the process. Lavi then served countless years as his personal spy and slave, having to go through many unwanted situations, often getting beaten and seriously harmed(Physically and mentally). Finally broke free and took out his revenge on people who are the same as his father and Jadenn, never forgiving them. He sees himself as a savior for the poor unfortunate souls of life, making sure that they don't ever go through what he did.

Powers: He has many advantages that most vampires get, like the average upgrade of speed, strength, healing, and of the senses. Read minds of simple beings, intellectual ones if he's concentrating. When someone has powerful thought or emotion he can pick it up easily. One extra he has is that he can tell if someone's lying to him. Actually, most of the time he can tell. Still trying to perfect that art, a lie or two slipping past him. Not only that but he can sense people's thoughts around him, or well, their emotions. This helps him decipher if they're lying or not, as well as make sure a situation doesn't take a turn he doesn't want.
Weapons: Carries two Browning 9x19mm Hi-Power handguns with him wherever he goes, even in public places. The bullets it fires off come in different kinds, some made out of silver and such. Knives are usually hidden where cops and authorities can't see or find them. expert with all of his weapons. Also has a animal assistant that helps him time and time again. His pet owl named Vjera, which means 'Faith.'

Vjera, Lavi's closest companion, and the closest he has to a friend. She is intelligent, silent, understanding, and beautiful.... As any owl can be.

Weakness: Old age is not an option so one of the only ways Lavi can die is to get staked through the heart. But when killing him you must make sure that he's fully dead because if he isn't then he's sure to be mega pissed. Ripping his limbs apart and burning them is also an effective way to murder him, which he tells the people around him many times. Standing in the sun with also burn him alive, if anyone wants to know. Also, he can starve to death if he doesn't feed after a period of time, two days is the max he can go without blood.
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Lavi Darren
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